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Without Surround, Without Damper, Without Crossover.
With just a Floating Flat 6” Diaphragm.

The Concept

The name of the speaker, “evanui” , means “vanish” in Latin. Once “evanui” plays music, “evanui” vanishes and only the music remains. The flagship model “evanui signature” boasts gorgeous bass horn which brings very deep and high speed bass sound.
We believe that the best speaker system has 1 driver per chnnel and have paid all our effort to realize it by developing brand new drivers, cabinets and so on.

The FDM-V Driver (FDM-V : Floating Diaphragm Mechanism ver.V)

A Collugated Flat 6” Diaphragm made with magnesium (the material could be changed in the near future)
is supported by magnetic oil, not by surround and damper as convensional drivers.
Togather with its extra strong magnetic circuit and square magnet wire voice coil on titanium bobbin,
the FDM-V Driver will bring you many hidden sounds in details in your favorite music as if you hear the music for the first time.

The New Spherical Head Cabinet

The head cabinet holding the FDM-V Driver is a Φ260mm, 20kg spherical shaped aluminium alloy block. This shape and mass brings an ideal sound stage as if there were no speakers at all.

Compiled Plywood Exponential Bass Horn

61 pieces of the best quality cina & apitong plywood ring are compiled to be a very stiff base horn. Each cabinet is hand-made by artisan. This horn generates deep and high speed bass sound even though the stroke of the diaphragm is small.


Impedance         8Ω
freq. range         35 - 22,000 Hz
efficiency          88 dB (2.83V)
input (max)       100W (150W)
dim. / weight     60 x 70 x 135 cm ( W x D x H ) / 60 kg